The since 1979 independent island of St. Lucia is only 43.5 kilometers long, but it captures a beautiful flora and fauna. The exclusive island is popular due to its beauty, it has a nickname (Helena of West India) that refers to the Greek goddess Helena, the daughter of Zeus and Leda. As the myth says, she was the most beautiful woman of Greece. On this island you will find picture perfect views that will make you feel like you are in heaven; especially cruising on board sailing yacht PH3. Our professional crew will take you always, anywhere and everywhere. Let’s explore some hotspots in St. Lucia to get into the mood! 


Award-winning dinner, hotspots in St. Lucia!

Restaurant Kai Manj | Tikay resort

hotspots in st. Lucia

This award-winning hotspot in St. Lucia is phenomenal and the resort was voted the number 1 Caribbean resort. A romantic hideaway surrounded by a beautiful bay, located on a cliff overviewing the beach and serene waters. The restaurant feels like an exclusive and cozy cottage with food designed to awaken your taste buds due to rich and exotic flavors. The restaurant is known for having one of the largest wine cellars of the Caribbean. They even have their own wine philosophy: “We believe there is a wine for every occasion or for no occasion at all – just the simple pleasure of indulging in the wine itself”. We warn you in advance, once you have been here you want to go back.

Saint Lucia
97133 Gustavia


Spa and Wellness in the tropics

Viceroy Sugar Beach

hotspots in st. Lucia

Looking for a day of true relaxation? This spa is a true wellness experience. Treatments are designed to be as nourishing on the outside of the body as their ingredients are on the inside. You will leave this spa with a happy and healthy glow, great nails, beautiful hair and make-up, and a relaxed body. It’s perfect to go as a couple or a group of friends too. The spa has signature treatments, couple treatments, make-up, eyes, hair, waxing, facials and so on. Located at the base of St. Lucia’s World Heritage-listed Petit Piton you will be surrounded by wild nature, a white beach and beautiful mountains so get ready for a adventurous outdoor-indoor feel. One of the perfect hotspots in St. Lucia

hotspots in st. Lucia

Another thing to mention is the amazing interior of the St Lucia Spa inspired by the famous author Ernest Hemingway with wooden details, comfortable décor and a nostalgic feeling. However, with a modern and luxury twist. At the Cane Bar you can taste the planet’s best aged rums and taste the Asian inspired cuisine. Or enjoy an afternoon High Tea at the Palm Court Lounge, or later in the evening you can also enjoy a range of cocktails, mixed drinks, wines and beers.

Val des Pitons
P.O. Box 251
Soufriere, Saint Lucia


Beneath the stars, cliff at Cap

Ladera resort


The best way to describe this restaurant is to give you an idea of the items on the menu. Begin with an easy dish such as the Firecracker Chicken Noodle Salad with Sweet chili and Lime. After this, have something a little bigger such as the Piri-Piri Roasted Split Lobster Giant couscous or the Creole Chicken Roti with Fennel. You can also choose the BBQ option with a wide variance of different sorts of grilled meat and fish. End your meal with a Hooked on the beach – get it? cocktail or the Tickle me – Okay if you insist cocktail. They taste as fun as their names, we assure you. These items are part of the just released menu for 2017 and promises truly tasty food, that is (of course) mixed with the perfect sunset view. The PH3 crew is enthusiastic and looks forward to take you there for a night to remember.

Smugglers Cove Drive
Cap Estate, St. Lucia


Spectacular view by Dasheen!

hotspots in St. lucia

Yes, another spectacular view, but this restaurant is so much more. The kitchen focuses on sustainable cooking sourced from locally harvested ingredients. They are dedicated to serve fresh native ingredients from island farmers and neighboring plantations. The restaurant also offers different activities such as: live entertainment, bartending class, horseback riding, rainforest tours, whale & dolphin watching, and more. In short: enough to do at Dasheene… and okay we will say it one more time: it has one hell of a view!

Rabot Estate
Soufriere, St. Lucia



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