This summer we are in Ibiza enjoying a few great charter weeks. Cruising around with our guests wherever they want to go; from ankering in a remote bay to a ‘quiet’ spot in the harbour of Ibiza Town close to the great venues to party all night long. Our crew will have lots of ideas to keep you in great spirits. Ibiza is perfect for doing water sports like waterskiing, wakeboarding, paddling or swimming. Or you take the tender for a ride along the shore and explore the beaches. You can go to the beach or stay on board, you can party all night or watch a movie on board in our air-conditioned grand salon and have a quiet 3 course meal if you like. A week on board sailing yacht PH3 is a guarantee for a week of fun cruising ibiza in a very bespoke and private way!


Famous rock Es Vedra in sight while cruising Ibiza

cruising ibiza

Relaxing in Ibiza!

Cruising_in_Ibiza_4With Ibiza town as a backdrop we have a  quiet spot in the harbour so our guests can have a massage on the front deck; the best way to recover from a night out in Ibiza.

cruising ibiza
PH3 Time flies when you’re cruising Ibiza


Quiet bay in Ibiza


8 am: we just woke up and the guests are on there way to go waterskiing and wakeboarding. In this quiet bay it’s safe and lots of fun to do watersports and the sea is perfect at this time of day (no wind in the early morning). Our professional crew makes sure you get a very good instruction if this is your first time!

cruising_in_Ibiza_9Tender 2 to PH3, the X-tender is perfect for doing watersports.

Cruising_in_Ibiza_7You have a good change to spot dolphins sailing around Ibiza. They are not shy and love to swim along. Ibiza is the perfect habitat to spot dophins. One of the best things of cruising Ibiza.

Here comes the sun

cruise IbizaHere comes the sun, here comes the sun. And I say it’s all right!

Lounging and sunbathing while sailing is so relaxing. We have three sundecks and comfortable sunbeds to give you a luxury trip. The large sails will even give you a bit of shade if you like better then the sun. Drinks & ice creams, anyone?

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