Let me introduce you to Vagn Lewisham and Kerie Land

Vagn Lewisham en Kerie Land joined sailing yacht PH3 in February 2014 in Medemblik, The Netherlands. They have proven to be exellent in all their responsibilities and are experts in making you feel at home on board PH3 in a luxurious and adventurous way.

Vagn has a passion for the sea since a child. He grew up in Auckland, New Zealand “The city of Sails”. After a year in Switzerland on a Student exchange, Vagn returned to New Zealand to complete a Bachelor of Marine Environ- mental Science where he was involved in a number of studies of Marine reserves in New Zealand, Fiji and Pap- ua Indonesia. Vagn has a background in watersports and is a qualified Dive Instructor. Vagn know where to take you

Enjoy sailing yacht PH3 and try divingTry try diving!

Try to dive, see magnificent crystal bluewaters but most of all enjoy sailing

Once completing his degree Vagn moved to the South of France and after one season in the Mediterranean Vagn and Kerie joined the 50 metre 2011 Sail Yacht of the year for her maiden voyage across the Pacific stopping off at Tahiti, the Marquesas Islands, Galapagos Islands, through the Panama Canal and onto to the Caribbean. They then did two Atlantic crossings to the Mediterranean, sailing 25,000 nautical miles in their 2 years on board. Kerie studied in Auckland and gained her qualifications in a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, specializing in Montessori. After a few years of teaching in New Zealand Kerie decided to ful ll her passion for cooking. She’s cooking Mediterranean and South East Asian cuisine. After a season working on a yacht around the French Riviera Kerie was then hired as the sole chef on board the sailing yacht in New Zealand. This is where she gained her sea legs!
Even if you are racing an offshore regatta they are ready 24/7! So enjoy sailing yacht PH3 and we would like to meet you sometimes!

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